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Potbelly Nutrition Facts

Potbelly Hammie Nourishment Information. The entire calorie consumption of just one meal or 318. 9 grms from the Endangering Ball, Originals are 960 with all the calorie consumption of 500.. Panera’s poultry greens just packages 680 milligrams of salt, that makes it among the more healthy meal choices that you could purchase in a quick-service cafe.

The entire calorie consumption of just one meal or 318. 9 grms from the Endangering Ball, Originals are 960 with all the calorie consumption of 500. In the event that A Wreck® Meal is usually popular, after that their particular Endangering Ball – Originals may be worth to try. Using their initial undertake their particular Damage Meats (Original), they will possess added meatballs towards the beef roasts meat, pig, and chicken. Additional elements are Member of the lettuce family, Tomato, Mayo, and Multigrain Breads. For less than four hundred calorie consumption and beneath 850 milligrams of salt, you are able to have a barbequed poultry sandwich—definitely one of the most more healthy choices!

Potbelly Meal Store Nourishment Details and Calorie consumption

Furthermore, Potbelly Meal Store is currently providing a multitude of meals. However continue to be numerous organizations that are providing all-American foods a large amount of organizations that are providing Philippine, Chinese language, Italian language and additional meals from numerous ethnicities are similarly growing.

Almost all that is about this multigrain bass speaker is usually 100 % Albacore tuna, switzerland parmesan cheese, member of the lettuce family, and tomato. This lack of any kind of added gravies (and prepared meat) is probably what maintains the salt level in a minimal 690 milligrams. Potbelly’s Burger, Originals offers Multigrain Breads, Meatballs, Tomato, Member of the lettuce family, Pickles, Mayo, Mustard and Cheddar Parmesan cheese.

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Between poultry, blue parmesan cheese dressing, and Frank’s Reddish sizzling spices, this meal requires the wedding cake because one of the most sodium-ridden and for that reason may be the unhealthiest meal you are able to purchase in among the seven quick-service restaurants examined. There has to be a large amount of sizzling spices upon right here, with only one tea spoon comprising 460 milligrams from the stuff. Of all of the sandwiches within the harmful part from the range, Wendy’s Homestyle Asiago Farm Poultry Golf club may be the least harmful to your wellbeing with just one, 540 milligrams of salt in every meal. The American Center Association suggests eating a maximum of two, three hundred milligrams of salt each day, and 1, 540 milligrams is less than 50 % of this. Because of not actually seven hundred calorie consumption, you essentially eliminate fifty percent a day’s really worth of sodium.

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Potbelly Nutrition Facts. Presently, you will find a lot more than 280 Potbelly meal shops countrywide. If you are searching for any great deal of taste within your meal, then your Fireball, Originals is surely a must-try. The meal offers Multigrain Breads, meatballs, Soup, Sizzling Peppers, and Cheddar to fulfill your desires. Whilst I actually still imagine my Italian language from time to time, I’ve managed to move on to larger and better stuff. Potbelly provides thin sandwiches, that have much less meats and mozzarella cheese on the thin-cut breads, every below four hundred unhealthy calories.

  • Additionally, it provides multigrain breads, salami, tomato, member of the lettuce family, Switzerland mozzarella cheese, and mayo.
  • The constituents of the would be the Damage Meats (Original) that has Chicken Breasts, pork, and beef roasts meat.
  • Using a meal of just one meal or 155. 9 grms, the A Wreck® Meal provides 650 unhealthy calories which 280 from it may be the calorie consumption.
  • (Cue Miley Cyrus. ) Probably just passionate Potbelly clients learn about the meal shop’s subterranean menu, where this behemoth meal are available.
  • This meal arrived to Potbelly’s key subterranean menu just like a endangering ball.
  • Their particular first A Wreck® Meal has long been the first a woman might consider when the Potbelly’s diet can be discussed.

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